Bad news for fans of The Comedy Cow - MKs comedy brand is upping sticks and moving to Edinburgh. The good news is that it's only temporarily. The brand is taking a trio of laugh-bringers to the Scottish capital to 'work' their magic during this year's Fringe Festival, with the show Prime Cut. Starting on Friday (August 1) the team will enjoy a nine-day stint at the decidedly trendy venue, The Outhouse. It's a prime location for our beefy bill too - just a stones throw away from Edinburgh's Playhouse Theatre. So, who are the comedy bringers? MPMG Aaron Twichen copy Aaron Twitchen (above) is the host, an man with the feel-good factor, he played his first show at a Comedy Cow Open Mic night in Stony Stratford. Opening the show is Jake Lambert (below), who was discovered during a rather dull night in Leighton Buzzard, playing to just three people. MPMG Jake Lambert - Comedian-1 copy Luckily one of those three audience members was Comedy Cow main-man Steve Powell... Olaf Falafel (below) is headlining, a man who has beaten The Comedy Store gong, and sat on bills with Russell Kane and Tony Law. MPMG Olaffalafel1lr copy Olaf is head and shoulders above the opposition.  Really, he is - coming in at 6' 6" tall. If you fancy a bit of a road trip to support The Comedy Cow and enjoy a brief stay in beautiful Edinburgh, you can get more details at Once on the site, search for Prime Cut.