The Black Sheep Collective present an abstract portrayal of the classic Alice in Wonderland story this week.

Those behind the piece promise it will make you question your sanity as to what is real and what is fiction, what is myth and what is truth...

'Alice goes missing, she follows a little white tail.

Alice goes missing. A land awaits that holds Wonder, but not as you know it.

A land where insanity is the known reality.

When Alice is found her experience of Wonderland begins to haunt and tease.

It begins to torture bringing feelings of dismay.

Is she truly insane? No one can really say.

Alice is left to ponder and lament,

Her childhood has been snatched away like many without consent....'

So, would you trust the White Rabbit?

Take a seat on Friday (Nov 20) or Saturday (Nov 21) at Stantonbury Campus and find out.

Tickets are on sale at £10 and the number to call for tickets is 01908 324466 or visit