Theatrical Niche present Metamorphosis at Stantonbury Theatre

Amid its pathos Metamorphosis is also awfully funny.

Gregor Samsa wakes to discover he has six legs and a shell, yet for some pages he thinks that what ails him might just be the kind of throat complaint that is “the occupational malady of travelers”. What can you do but laugh?

Now transformed into a dung beetle one morning, Gregor must now seriously consider his options. One of the most resonantly strange stories ever brought to stage, this highly acclaimed adaptation by Steven Berkoff plunges into the extremity of Kafka's dark humour, and reveals a tremulous human heart.

"Metamorphosis" casts its beady eyes over the norms of society, illustrating the alienation of one painfully normal individual with deft surrealism. Theatrical Niche Ltd tour this wonderful monstrosity, using signature touches of physical theatre and grotesque ensemble puppetry.

Awe-inspiring visuals in amongst a darkly funny and deeply disturbing modern masterpiece promise a jaw-dropping, belly-ache of an experience.

Alice Sillett heads up this awe-inspiring production, incorporating her Puppetry expertise to create jaw-dropping visuals.

"Metamorphosis" will be the eleventh tour for Theatrical Niche, and arrives at Stantonbury Theatre this Thursday (May 11).

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