'This is our Future' say Milton Keynes' Stage Struck Theatre group

A mashup of pieces devised, written, created and directed by Stage Struck Youth Theatre will play out on the home stage at Stantonbury Theatre this Friday evening (June 9).

See Stage Struck's take on what the future holds with this scratch performance of different genres, styles and interpretations.

''This is our Future' is a unique piece of theatre that will make you question what will happen tomorrow; next week; next year; next century," say those delivering the pieces.

And while plugging the show, it's only polite to give Stage Struck a little space - the group meets weekly during term time and is for age 12+.

Youngsters experience workshops, rehearsals and performances at least twice a year at Stantonbury Theatre.

SSYT is perfect if you have already attended drama workshops and performed, or have little or no experience.
They explore contemporary drama, musical theatre and classic theatre.

Recent shows include Bugsy Malone, Confusions, The Wardrobe, Into The Wood Jnr, The Ladykillers and now This Is Our Future.


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