Dance duo Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace are promising fans drama, emotion and a triumphant Tango in their farewell production when they visit the new city later this month, writes Georgina Butler.

The World Argentine Tango Champions and Strictly Come Dancing superstars have thrilled audiences with sizzling routines on the small screen and in two Olivier Award nominated West End productions. Now, they are completing their trilogy of stage shows and bidding a fond farewell to the world of theatre with ‘The Last Tango’, which comes to Milton Keynes Theatre from Monday (Nov 23).

The passionate pair enjoyed sensational success with their previous two sell-out shows, ‘Midnight Tango’ and ‘Dance Til Dawn’.

The current 32-week farewell tour with ‘The Last Tango’ is a final opportunity for audiences in theatres across the nation to see the well-loved partnership perform live in a brand new, full-length dance extravaganza.  

MPMG Flavia Cacace - The Last Tango - credit Manuel Harlan copy

Speaking prior to the start of the tour, Flavia (above) told Total MK: “We can’t do eight shows a week forever and ever because as much as we love it to death and feel very, very lucky to be doing it, it’s very exhausting. 

"It would be great to think that maybe if this show does really, really well we could have a break and then do another tour of the same show.

"But I think that creating a fourth one would probably break us!”

Vincent added: “We don’t want to push our luck but our great fans, they keep coming back. I’m so proud – we’re so proud – because every time we worry about whether the next show is going to be as good and I think that every time we have proven ourselves. I think 'The Last Tango' is going to be fabulous.”

Audiences should expect captivating choreography accompanied by superb singing and marvellous musicians as the Italian dancers are joined onstage by a strong supporting cast of talented performers.

The Last Tango’ will showcase Vincent and Flavia’s versatility as dancers and features plenty of dance styles.

The narrative follows a couple who meet at the English seaside in the 1930s and follows them through the ups and downs of their relationship over the ensuing years.

Vincent and Flavia have promised fans that there is a lot of heart in the show. Anticipate passionate passages, bursts of sunny happiness and laugh-out-loud funny moments - as well as times when you might need a tissue or two.  

MPMG Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace - The Last Tango - credit Manuel Harlan (6) copy

The Last Tango’ has been created by the same “family” who brought us ‘Midnight Tango’ and ‘Dance ‘Til Dawn’.

Vincent and Flavia are very hopeful that fans will be impressed by the production as a whole and also by how much they stretch themselves in a bid to improve as dancers each and every time they return to the stage.

Vincent said: “Every time we choreograph and dance in these shows we try to push ourselves. In ‘The Last Tango’ there is a lot of variety of dancing but we finish off with a super Tango!

"Really, it is so challenging, once you hear the music you think it is impossible!”

“We finish on the floor!" Flavia said, "It is almost unchoreographable - is that a word?!”

MPMG Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace - The Last Tango - credit Manuel Harlan (9) copy 

Don’t miss your chance to see Vincent and Flavia (and this amazingly arduous Argentine Tango!) in their final stage show ‘The Last Tango’ at Milton Keynes Theatre.   

> ‘The Last Tango’ runs at Milton Keynes Theatre from Monday 23rd November until Saturday 28th November 2015.


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