FAMILY FUN: Enjoy a Festival of Giants in Milton Keynes this weekend

Festive Road’s ‘Festival of Giants’ on the plateau in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes on 25th June is shaping up to be a HUGE extravaganza for the whole community.

Running from 12 noon until 6.00pm, this FREE event is an official part of the #MK50 Birthday Celebrations.

There will be 4 zones to explore:
The Garden
The Aviary
Land of Myths
The Creatures


Dance Stage
Interactive Activities
Variety of Refreshments


See Festive Road’s incredible cycle-powered creatures: Harminder the mechanical elephant, Gwynhaff the dragon, Hilary the Triceratops, Rex the baby Tyrannosaurus and many others, including the unveiling of Shanti the beautiful Garuda, bird of peace.

The Next Stop MK Culture Coach will also be available for rides around the site!

As a special celebration of #MK50, Festive Road will be presenting a spectacular new creation - The Gardener giant, who will be busy tending the trees, amongst all the fantastical creatures which will inhabit the park for the day…

On display in the story-telling tent, will be ‘The Manifesto of Marvellous Facts’ - a specially created book, which features 50 intriguing, fascinating and darn right peculiar factoids about Milton Keynes.

The giants will all be walking about and performing at different times; and, when they are ‘resting’ in their zones, people will be able to get up really close!

The programme is full of variety and, whatever time you visit, there will be loads to see and do.