The name Fabergé is synonymous with luxury, and a film airing at Stantonbury Campus on Thursday evening (July 16) will tell the fascinating story of the company.

It offers the viewer unprecedented access to Fabergé's greatest creations, and to the leading experts and descendants of  the Fabergé family.

A Life of Its Own charts the rich history of the iconic brand - from the monumental rise of 'artist jeweller' Peter Carl Fabergé in the 19th Century to the enduring legacy.

As you sit back and enjoy your complimentary glass of wine, you'll discover the story of a lost Imperial Egg.

Long believed to be lost, it was discovered by a scrap metal dealer last year, and has already been sold privately...for an estimated $30 million!

You'll learn about the first 'Imperial Class' Egg produced for 99 years too, and see it in glorious form - the spectacular objet d'art is decorated with more than 3000 diamonds and natural pearls.

This cinematic experience will be the only time the public will get to see the lost Imperial Egg and the newest Fabergé commission, as both are now tucked away in private collections.

Ticket-holders will also experience hundreds of other pieces in intricate detail.

Admission to the film is somewhat more affordable that that Fabergé finest though.

Tickets are £11.50 and £8.50 and show time is 7.30pm.