Get into the groove - Milton Keynes record fair is back this week

You know when the industry was trying to tell us that vinyl’s day had been and gone?

We never listened, never ditched our turntable and didn’t stop buying the black round things. And now look at it - vinyl has fought back, and is enjoying its biggest sales for years! Consequently, those same industry big-wigs are reissuing classic discs and upping the price to cash in.

But forget the over-priced high street shops which stock music as an afterthought; there is nothing a vinyl fan enjoys more than flicking through racks of pre-loved releases, hoping to find an elusive release.

And we get our chance to do it at the quartly Record Fair in Wolverton on Sunday. Yay!

The Craufurd Arms is your hosting venue and doors open at midday on Sunday (Feb 4). Admission is free.



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