Hula Animal Rescue hosts its annual animal blessing event

Hula opens the doors to its Glebe Farm base on Sunday (October 15), as the Aspley Guise property hosts its St Francis Animal Blessing event.

The animal rescue centre is still struggling to match the tide of unwanted and discarded pets with the necessary funds to provide them with a safe house while they await their forever homes, and events like this are essential to keep the cash coming in.

The cattery and small animal house will be open on the day, and if the weather stays fair, you’ll be able to meet and greet the Hula pooches at 2.30pm, following the animal blessing at 2pm.

Entry is £2 per adult, 50 pence for ankle biters and all of that money will go to swell the coffers. Spare change will be eagerly accepted too…

For more information on the charity and its work click here


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