Internationally renowned Boobs and Brass band are coming to Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes will host to internationally renowned all-female band, Boobs & Brass this September,  in a joint concert with Bradwell Silver Band.

Bringing together female players from across the country the band will showcase big-band numbers, raising money for Cancer Research, on September 30.

The Venue in Walton High will host, and aside from B&B, Bradwell Silver Band will play and there will be massed-bands numbers. 

Boobs and Brass formed more than 10 years ago and at the last tally had raised in excess of 200K with £171,313 donated directly to the charity Breast Cancer Now.

The first all ladies band formed in 2006 when friends Jane Nichols and Margaret Betts discussed the idea over a cup of tea.

Boobs and Brass have grown in success and size and can now boast three separate bands covering different regions in the UK.

Boobs & Brass organisers said: “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Bradwell Silver Band for organising this evening and supporting our fundraising for Breast Cancer Now.

"We are very proud to present Boobs and Brass to you and hope that you all enjoy our music making.”

Bradwell Silver Band take a key role in supporting important causes, the last fundraiser concert provided a donation of £2000 to Help for Heroes.

Brian Keech, musical director of Bradwell Silver Band said:“This is a truly exciting project for Bradwell Silver Band – I’ve been aware of Boobs and Brass for some time of course but the opportunity to play alongside them for a great cause such as Breast Cancer Now will be momentus for us!”

Bradwell Silver band pride themselves in supporting the growth of brass banding and take this opportunity to invite all brass and percussion players under the age of 18 to attend a masterclass supported by Yamaha.

Guest tutors will include championship musicians Lucy Cutt, Ben Godfrey and Jack Wilson.

Yamaha spokesperson Natasha Homer said: “Yamaha are delighted to once again be supporting Boobs and Brass in concert especially here in Milton Keynes - the home of our UK head office.

"Yamaha’s vision is to inspire new musical talent whilst supporting those who already play. This evening's concert will be a showcase of musical talent and a chance for Yamaha to support Boobs and Brass in the amazing charity work they do whilst entertaining us all with their musical delights. Enjoy the music.”

The masterclass will be held during the day at The Venue MK.

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