MÓTUS Dance Festival shakes a leg this weekend, with the welcome return of the annual event to the heart of town.

On Sunday (May 31), performances will be hosted in and around MK Gallery, before Mótus skip across to new pastures in Campbell Park and continue to engross with their marvellous movement.

The premise of this year's festival is to support and commission dance artists and companies to come and make work here in Milton Keynes,” said Helen Parlor, artistic director for Mótus.

Instead of presenting pre-existing work, companies have selected sites around Campbell Park and MK Gallery to interact with, in order to create original and vibrant performances.”

This year, the professional companies making a move to the event include ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, Ceyda Tanc Dance and Inverted Company (Tamzen Moulding).


Wide-ranging influences will span contemporary dance to Turkish folk and acrobatics.

'A visual feast,' promise those behind the bash.

School pupils from Denbigh and The Grove Independent are also working with professional choreographers on commissions for the event, and the unfolding promenade will feature MK dance company Initiate Youth.

It's the perfect way to see out half term in fine, vibrant style and won't take a penny from those already over-stretched purses!

There are two opportunities to connect with Sunday's show – meet at MK Gallery at 3pm, or at 5.30pm, and join moving performance, which will will reach its climax at MK Rose.