Beverley Craven makes her return to Stowe School this week

The last time Beverley Craven appeared at Stowe School she was recovering from breast cancer and coming to terms with the death of her younger sister from the disease - and the aftermath of divorce.

Less than three years later, the Brit Award-winning singer-songwriter has found her own inner peace and this popular performer is now loving touring and giving huge enjoyment to audiences with her list of massive hits.

She returns to the Ugland Auditorium at Stowe on Friday (May 12) to give her audience a special treat with the full gamut of her songwriting, playing and singing talent over three decades.

Many years of personal challenge could have made her give up, but Beverley Craven is enjoying a real renaissance. She has a much deeper sense of self and is touring with renewed confidence.

“The psychological impact of what happened to me took a long time to get over and it can taint one’s optimism,” she said.

“It has changed me and made me stronger. It’s made me feel I have to get on with life and be happy. There is no silver bullet and I have to live every day doing what is good for me.”

A performer who did not thrive on the pressures of touring, Beverley, now 53 and the mother of three grown up daughters, is now revelling in her appearances up and down the UK.

She is touring as a duo with multi-instrumentalist and singer Frank Mead and having immense fun, playing some new songs but thrilling her audience with her back catalogue – hits such as the infamous, multi-million selling Promise Me, Holding On, Love Scenes and Woman to Woman.

“We’re having so much fun travelling together – driving to gigs, chatting in the car, stopping for pub lunches and playing a couple of hours of the songs I’ve written over the past 30 years - and people are loving it,” she said.

“It’s a good balance and I love it when people come up to chat during the interval. It’s smaller and more manageable and very different from the 90s when the pressure was huge and it was all about roadies, a big band, soundmen and managers.”

Frank Mead has a long history of playing with the world’s best musicians. There is hardly a big name he has not played with or for as a session musician.

The two produce a fantastic, memorable show that will delight Beverley Craven fans of all generations.

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