Marshall Records signings Rews to play Bedford Esquires date

High-energy female rock duo Rews play Bedford Esquires on Saturday (November 11).

The girls are signed to Marshall Records and issued their debut album Pyro, which quite fittingly is an explosive collection of catchy rock anthems, last week.

Back in the summer the girls played the John Peel stage at Glasto, gathering a heap of critical acclaim in the process, and support has grown steadily since.

BBC 6 Music's Mark Radcliffe declared their set to be one of his highlights of the whole Glasto affair in 2017.

A 'female Royal Blood' he said.  Which was nice.
Now the girls are coming to Bedford as part of a 16 date UK tour to see out the year.

Don't mess about - get tickets sharpish or you'll rue the day you missed Rews in a snug environment...

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