At the start of April, Teddy Thompson and acclaimed American singer Kelly Jones released their debut album Little Windows, a collection of 10 country-tinged duets that capture the spirit of the Everly Brothers.

And they are supporting the release with an extensive UK tour which will bring them to The Stables on May 16th.

Acclaimed musician Teddy is the son of folk-rock players Richard and Linda Thompson, and Linda assumed the role of executive producer on the title.

Ahead of The Stables show, Teddy went On Track with Total MK, sharing some of his musical loves...

The song that first awakened your musical senses

It was an Everly Brothers song. Pretty sure it was – Wake Up Little Suzie

Physical or digital – how do you take your music?

Both, by necessity. Can't get that turntable into my car. What's more important than the format I listen on, is the format it was recorded to. Taaaape.

The first time you though 'Music – this is the job for me'

The firs time I got applauded on stage!

Your best on stage memory...

Singing The Weight with Levon Helm at one of his last Rambles.

Jim Keltner called him the only drummer than can make you cry. And he played and sang. It was on another plane.

MPMG Teddy Thompson 3 copy

And the worst gig you've ever done

Today, SXSW in Austin, Texas. The sun was baking us onstage and I melted like the last wicked witch of the west

What make you take up the guitar specifically

I was trying to be like my dad to a certain extent. And all boys want to play guitar, I think.

It's undeniably cool.

Which one song by another artist do you wish you had written?

Anything by Hank Williams

And one – by yourself – which holds special significance

Separate Ways is a good one, I think

If you could step into the shoes of another musician, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

Oh Hendrix, for sure. To be able to play like that, so fluently – the guitar an extension of his arm.

And I loved his humble, love everyone vibe.

Are there any current musical influences you might look to

I love John Grant, Rufus Wainwright. Holly MacVe is a new one, Krystle Warren

MPMG Teddy Thompson 1 copy

And any genre of music that you simply can't stand

I don't have much time for dance music

Explain a little bit about how the new album with Kelly came about

It was a 'let's try to write some song together and see the situation.' The more we did, the more we realised we had a record.

It was very easy and organic.

Finally, tell us what's on the cards at The Stables show

I ain't no Tarot reader, but I'm guessing music will be played by me and Kelly and our band.

And if you sing loudly enough, by you!

To book tickets for The Stables date visit www.stables.org