Milton Keynes Gallery 'on track to deliver new multi-million pound arts centre'

Work is continuing with MK Gallery's ambitious expansion plans which will culminate in the delivery of a new multi-million pound arts centre for Milton Keynes and the wider region.

The gallery is working with 6a architects, on the major renovation and expansion, with bar and café, auditorium for film, music and events, and dedicated community facilities.

The art hub has revised its original timescale as it seeks to deliver excellent value for money for the scheme. Capital works are due to begin during 2017.

While work begins, the gallery's learning and events programme, alongside projects such as City Club, will continue.

City Club will celebrate our unique city through a programme of new art, performances, family activities, commissions, happenings, events and talks inspired by the original cultural plans for Milton Keynes.

The project will enable thousands of people throughout Milton Keynes to explore, enjoy and be inspired by their surroundings, culminating in the creation of a new permanent public art work around the gallery by lead artists Gareth Jones and Nils Norman offering a new outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

Details of the full City Club programme will be announced in early 2017.

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