Nice Cream Van ready to whip up summer smiles at intu Milton Keynes

The world’s smallest ice cream van has been unveiled as part of intu’s pledge to make customers smile and follows new research revealing that eating ice cream makes people happier.

The ‘Nice Cream Van’ measures just 47 inches long and 39 inches high with a maximum speed of 12mph - and it is coming to intu Milton Keynes on Tuesday (August 15).

The tour of the tiny van follows research revealing that eating ice cream is the top thing that makes people in the South East happiest in the summer.

Others on the list include taking a trip to the beach, having a BBQ, going on holiday, walking barefoot in the grass and wearing your summer wardrobe.

The research also revealed that three quarters (76 per cent) of those in the South East feel happier in the summer than they do in the winter, with sunshine (26 per cent), longer days (24 per cent) and summer holidays (16 per cent) the top three reasons given.

Kirsty McGiff, marketing manager at intu Milton Keynes, said: “We’re delighted to have created what we believe is the world’s smallest ice cream van but the real win will be seeing the smiles it puts on people’s faces at intu for those lucky enough to get free ice cream.

"We work really hard to create experiences that will surprise and delight our customers and make each individual shopping trip a happier, more memorable one.

"At intu we have something for everyone and whether you’re someone who loves to shop or a bit more of a last minute panic shopper, we aim to ensure you leave happier than when you arrived.”

1. Eating ice cream
2. Going to the beach
3. Going on holiday
4. Having a BBQ with friends and family
5. Wearing summer clothes
6. Watching the sunset
7. Walking in the park
8. The smell of freshly cut grass
9. Going for a picnic
10. Walking barefoot in the grass


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