Stocking fillers: Ankle biters will have a very Hape-y Christmas with the toy specialists

Hape make children happy - and the world's largest producer of wooden toys do it by producing items that encourage learning and skill building, while putting the emphasis on fun.  Here's Total MK's pick of the products for Christmas 2017...



Hape Teddy and Duck Bath Mitt Set
Hape is a brand synonymous with quality wooden toys, but that's not all they do – and this Teddy and Duck Bath Mitt Set is the perfect stocking filler to make a splash with this Christmas!
He's the perfect bath buddy for little mites ages 12 months and up and makes scrubbing up, fun time.
Place a bar of soap inside the bath mitt and wipe away the dirt as you play. Guaranteed to bring smiles to bath time.


Hape Happy Buckets Set
Buy with the mitt set, or forgo the chick for this trio of plastic buckets. There are holes in each of these buckets, but it's not a problem – it's intentional!
Fill the mini pails with water and watch as the water drainage creates fun interactions at bath time.
Funky coloured, sturdy and guaranteed to invoke bucket-loads of fun for the recipients!

Hape Friendship Puzzle Blocks
A brilliant block puzzle which encourages fun learning – and six times the fun of usual games. Pepe & Friends offers six different pictures to create. Aside from Pepe the pooch, eager eyes will be drawn to Tito the tortoise, Dante the puddy-tat and Lily the dickie-bird!
Brightly coloured, and wonderfully illustrated, this is Hape at their finest; encouraging creativity, problem solving and physical skills.
'We believe children do not play to learn, children learn because they play,' Hape say.
And this is a fine example of learning masquerading as fun time.

Hape Walk-A- Long Snail
'Shell' out on this wonderful wooden walk-along and you'll have the perfect pet!
For a snail, he is particularly versatile little chap, who will happily tag along behind you, and you can make the journey a lighter one by removing his shell full of wooden blocks.
The shell sorter can provide independent fun once the walking is done.
If you want Father Christmas to deliver this marvellous mollusc to your nipper this Christmas, you might want to move quicker than a snail to secure one – they deserve to be fast movers!

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