Family friendly fun in Forest of Fables showing this weekend in Milton Keynes

Enter the intriguing world of Aesop where visual high jinks and musicality roll into one mouth-watering puppet extravaganza.

It is perfect weekend fun and showing this Sunday (June 18) – and suitable for ages four years and up.

This is Aesop fables brought to life with puppets, music and most importantly of all, your imagination.

Question. Who is the strongest – the North Wind or the Sun?
Every leaf shudders as the north wind puffs, in vain, to blow the traveller’s coat from his back. But when the sun shines, the man removes it effortlessly and surprise puppet inhabitants come out to play in the fabulous forest!

Loudmouthed Lion has a bad gnat in his ear. Ass frisks on her high heels. Fox runs nose to the ground in search of cheese, while Spider knits and swings from the branches of the fabulous forest!

Settle back and enjoy an unravelling of ancient tales from iDOLRiCH TheatreRotto productions, the Sussex based award-winning international touring puppetry and theatre company.

> Little mites can have even more fun if they join the Forest of Fables workshop on the day of the show and make their own puppet animal.
They'll have lots of fun learning the songs with the puppeteers while creating their own distinctive character that can feature in the forest show.

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