Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy give us Blackadder and Baldrick at Stantonbury Theatre

A show as cunning as a fox who’s been made Professor of Cunning at Oxford University comes to Milton Keynes this coming week (September 18-23)

Stage adaptations of three episodes from the brilliantly funny classic BBC Comedy series Blackadder are being aired at Stantonbury Theatre.

Join Captain Blackadder on the Western Front in 1917, twenty yards from a lot of heavily armed people who want to kill him.

Worse still, his brother officer, George is a man whose family brain cell is gathering dust in a pawn shop in Dunstable.  General Melchett and his ever loyal side-kick, Darling, are quaffing champagne at HQ and Baldrick is in charge of cooking!

Captain Cook: When Field Marshal Haig unveils his new strategy to “move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin”, Blackadder volunteers to be an Official War Artist, not realising that a commission to paint a cover for the thoroughly absorbent propaganda magazine “King and Country” is just a ruse for a highly-dangerous secret mission. Can Baldrick’s plan to become Melchett’s chef save him, and how much custard can one cat produce?

Corporal Punishment: Despite problems with communications, orders for another mission arrive by carrier pigeon and Blackadder breaches regulations by shooting and eating the messenger.

With George as his lawyer in a court martial, and with only one night to live, can the “Flanders pigeon murderer” avoid death by firing squad using Baldrick’s smuggled escape kit?

Major Star: With everyone talking about the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, Blackadder volunteers to organise a variety show in the hope that it will be shifted to the London Palladium. Unfortunately, Melchett has fallen in love with his leading lady, the fair Georgina (George dressed as a woman).

Each performance will include all three episodes, as the Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy (which has previously delighted audiences with sell out adaptations of Fawlty Towers, Vicar of Dibley, Blackadder II,  Allo Allo and Steptoe and Son) prepares to wow you again.  They are really something, this lot are.

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