Mótus make their return with Pre-Resolve - Adjustments

This Thursday (November 16) MÓTUS in partnership with Stantonbury Theatre and GradLab Presents Adjustments 1117: Pre-Resolve returns to Milton Keynes!

The latest in the group’s series of work in progress platforms, Adjustments 1117 will focus on choreographers looking to take work to Resolution 2018; The Place London’s annual dance and choreography festival.

Four new or emerging choreographers will be selected to present works never seen before. Following the performances you will be given the chance to offer feedback and discussion around the pieces you have seen helping to shape their future.

This chaired discussion will give valuable insight into the creative process and will allow you to question and query the choices you see on stage.

No previous dance knowledge required!

Helping the conversation along will be a panel of arts professionals from a variety of disciplines, including dance, who will offer their own opinions as a starting point to the wider debate.

If this sounds like your bag, book now and support the talent in your MK midst - click here


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