Hula Animal Rescue gives a nod to all the Dad's out there this Sunday (June 12) when it hosts its Fab Father's Open Day, and there will be tea and cakes over in The Trough Cafe to celebrate the Queen's birthday, too.

It'll be a party atmosphere all round then, which is much the same as every Hula Open Day.

Last month we met Seth on our travels round the Aspley Guise site.

He is a lovely old fella who has a wonderful owner and is quite contented with his lot.

But it wasn't always like that – Years ago, Seth was found as a stray, and a damaged eye had to be removed before he was re-homed.

That's the beauty of Hula you see, they really do give animals that have been let down, a second chance. And the pennies and pounds that you spend at Sunday's event will help more animals get closer to the happiness they all deserve.

The Hula dog parade is on from 2.30pm, there will be a presentation to mark Rabbit Awareness Week with tips on how to look after your rabbit, and all the usual attractions.

Entry is £2 for adults, and children go free.

For more details on how you can help Hula, visit the website at