Saturday (May 28) is a big night for the folks at the One World Club, which is presenting One Voice.

Organiser Andy Gilbert Says the event is “...the culmination of eight months of dialogue between members of the Jewish and Islamic communities with the aim of promoting peace and friendship between those of Muslim, Jewish and other faiths.”

It's a show with Jewish, Christian and Muslim performers united in voice, in message and in hope – that we can all live together in peace.

Ordinarily, One World has its focus on cultural harmony, but this time the emphasis shifts to faith.

We staged this event for the first time last year following the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen,” Andy said.

It was a resounding success attended by more than 170 people. The Muslim community of MK wanted to endorse the fact they felt no connection with the terrorists who hijack their religion.”

Taking their place on the stage this time will be duo The Pearls of Islam (above), two ladies with beautifully melodic voices. One plays guitar, the other a drum and collectively they'll bring folk music from the Islamic tradition.

They visit the Keynes from London, so keen were they to be a part of this event.

MK Gospel Choir Life will be singing, but not only taking from their own repertoire – for this show they will be singing in Hebrew!

Crossroots make up the billing at an event which will cut loose one piece each of Jewish, Arabic and Gospel before they come together for a finale of finery, a 20-piece collaboration.

The Guild Hall, to the rear of the Church of Christ the Cornerstone is the setting, and the show runs between 6pm and 9pm.

Admission and tickets? Nope and nope – Entry is free, and you just walk right on in on the day.

Peace and friendship shouldn't have to be paid for,” Andy says, before giving a friendly reminder to visit the right place.

Don't go into the big circular churchy section, there'll be a service on” he reminds.

If there are no guitars you'll know you're at the wrong gig!”