A real discovery for art lovers, Fenny Stratford's pleasant space and crafting opportunities make it an essential visit...
ADDRESS: 46 Church Street, Fenny Stratford, Bletchley, MK2 2NY
OPENING HOURS:Wednesday - Sunday, 10am-5pm
SPECIALISING IN: Locally made arts and crafts
ART POLICY: To support and promote local, talented artists
MOST LIKELY TO SEE: A large variation of arts and crafts every time you visit
LESS LIKELY TO SEE: So called 'fine art' or very expensive pieces of artwork
WHY PAY A VISIT: You'll never know what you will find at the Tecton Art Centre.
We hold classes in different arts and crafts on a weekly basis but even just popping in on the weekend, you may find demonstrations of drawing, painting, jewellery making or sewing going on.
Our artists are all from the local area, most have no idea how talented they truly are, and we want to help support their work and show the public just how skilled the people in Milton Keynes are.
We also hold exhibitions and open weekends regularly to showcase many different craft and arts skills which visitors are welcome to come have a play with.
We always have activities available for the kids too, so they can stay occupied whilst you are looking around.