Spare your Blushes - go see the real Blushes at The Craufurd Arms

Four piece indie-alt mob Blushes are turning heads on the music scene here in Milton Keynes.

A marvellous mix of male and female vocals, the band have a unique and captivating sound that is thrilling new ears - and if you head to The Craufurd Arms this Saturday night (April 22), you can check them out direct.

Influence wise, they are all over the shop, if the most spectacular fashion - spaningn a multitude of genres from metal and experimental to pop and soul legends.
Indie, post punk and groove based pop also features in their soundscape, producing notable influences on their vocals and guitar playing.

New single Skin features on the debut EP, Private Viewing.

The band says it is 'a song about love and sex in particular, how when you and your partners bodies come to contact everything around you suddenly doesn’t matter, all that you know is that you only want one thing at that moment and it’s the person you’re holding.

It is a very matter of fact song that stems from the physical side of raw consummate love.'


Tickets for Saturday's show - the official EP release date - are a fiver.