The costumes might not have been to the Strictly Come Dancing standard, but there's no doubting the footwork was fab-u-lous!

Members of MK Hospital's theatre staff sent pulses racing when they deserted the operating table to show their shimmy potential earlier this week.

Do The Strictly is an initiative to get fans of the BBC hit series showing off their footwork to the show theme.

From Eastenders cast members to the Teletubbies, everyone has been having a go, although MK's finest take some beating!

Karen Phillips, Tori Bryden, Neil Harrison and his daughter Melissa, Debbie Brooks and Suzanne Mylchreest are the stars of the piece.

And forget taking your partner by the hand, Suzanne took a drip stand as her partner!

We are all big Strictly fans and thought it would be a real laugh,” said Carmen Reynolds who came up with the idea and filmed the clip.


Not one NHS penny was wasted in the recording of the routine, but if laughter really is the best medicine, these workers might just have saved the hospital a few bob.

We were all off duty and had asked the Chief Executive Joe Harrison if it would be OK first,” promises Carmen, and he gave the thumbs up, “...he really is quite fabulous as a boss!”

They only filmed the routine on Monday night, and now their dance-delight is going viral!  

You can see the video on our Facebook page:

We genuinely had no idea it would prove so popular,” says Carmen, who admitted the team are now thinking of hanging up their scrubs altogether.

We are considering giving up work and going off to Hollywood now, obviously!” she joked.

In reality though, it'll be just another day in theatre for our hardworking staff tomorrow morning.

We all work as ODPs (Operation Department Practitioners) helping anaesthetists...hopefully our dancing didn't send anyone to sleep!” she laughed.  

But we're sure it'd score a 10 from Len...