Want to feel clear, cleansed and energised for 2017? Whitespace Yoga can help with that...

January is a good time to re-program and set new intensions for the year ahead and a yoga and wellbeing studio based in Stony Stratford has a powerful workshop to help people feel clear, cleansed and energised for 2017.

On Saturday (January 7), from 2pm-4.30pm, Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio will be hosting a special New Year Detox Workshop for those looking to boost vitality, strength, mental clarity and focus after the Christmas over-indulgence.

The workshop will include an energising yoga practice with breath work, mantra and meditation to help unlock and release the build up of harmful toxins and latent energies.

The class is suitable for anyone who wants to kick start the New Year and costs £30.

To book, click here or call the studio on 01908 566610

Whitespace Yoga and Wellbeing Studio is based in heart of Stony Stratford and offers over 50 classes each week catering to all abilities. The beautiful, light filled studios make the perfect place to escape the daily stresses and outside noises, melt into your yoga mat and let your practice help you relax and feel healthier.