ON STAGE: Jane Eyre star Nadia Clifford in the Total MK hot seat

Nadia Clifford takes the title role in Charlotte Bronte's classic, Jane Eyre, which began a week-long stay at Milton Keynes Theatre last night...

Nadia's work includes Hobson's Choice at Regent's Park and Coasting at the Bristol Old Vic.

She went On Stage with Total MK and answered our questions...

Tell us about your first memory of the theatre
Watching the Christmas pantomime in Manchester with my family - my older sister got to go up on stage and was given a ton of sweets.
I was mega jealous!

And the moment when you realised the theatre was your calling
Playing Thumbelina, age 5

Any dreadful calamities, or funny happenings on stage that you would care to share with us?
Last night during the show Lynda Rooke who plays Mrs Reed /Mrs Fairfax had a slight wardrobe malfunction (she lost her skirt during one of the running sequences)

Which stage actor, living or dead, would you most like to meet, and what question would you ask them?
Judi Dench - “Does it get easier?”

Do you have any superstitions, or pre-performance routines?
Stretches to warm up my body, scales to warm up my voice, and always brush my teeth (for the kisses with Rochester)

The best piece of advice given to you when you started in the business
If everyone played Lady Macbeth there would be no one to sweep the stage, be a team player!

What do you think has been your steepest learning curve
Leaving drama school, and dealing with the realities of trying to make a living

How do you fill your spare time while on tour
Mostly sleeping

Nerves or excitement? Which takes over just before the curtain rises?
Mixture of the two, like jumping out of a plane the moment just before you feel nervous, but then once you begin you’re flying.

How can the future of theatre be safeguarded? What would you do to entice new blood to audiences?
Producing more new writing, more invest in community theatre and funding people without the means themselves to buy tickets.

Now tell us about the three favourite roles your have played so far, and what makes them special.
1 Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre - she’s my hero
2 Ollie in Pomona - was wonderful to originate a part
3 Viola-Twelfth Night - her soliloquies really pack a punch

Finally, for those yet to take a ticket to Jane Eyre, sell the show
It’s true to the novel but completely unique in it’s approach, It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before!


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