Enigma code takes over Asda Newton Leys as colleagues celebrate the history of Bletchley Park

Customers at Asda Newton Leys had to get their thinking caps on before speaking to colleagues at the store, as workers donned badges with their names written in Enigma, inviting customers at the brand new store to try their best to crack it.

Colleagues at the store on Bletcham Way paid homage to Bletchley Park, the once top secret home of WW2 codebreakers, which is situated 2.5 miles away.

Now a heritage attraction, Bletchley Park saw the first operational break into Enigma in 1940, which deciphered the German Army administrative key known as ‘The Green.’

This year marks 75 years since Bletchley first broke ‘Shark’, an Enigma machine.

The celebrated Codebreakers also managed to crack the ‘Red’ key which was used by the Luftwaffe. Subsequently, German codes, Italians and later Japanese systems were broken. Their work was instrumental in Britain gaining vital intelligence and eventually winning the war.

Stuart Terry, General Store Manager at Asda Newton Leys, said: “We wanted to recognise the famous surroundings of the store, and celebrate all the hard work that went into deciphering these codes all those years ago. All the colleagues at the store were really keen to be part of this and excited to see how their names would be spelt out in Enigma code.

“It also created a real talking point for the customers, who enjoyed trying to crack it!”


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