Make Christmas a sweet one - bring out the Cadbury's hamper...

The present made for sharing, and savouring!

Cadbury's Sharing Basket

Why splash the cash on chocolate boxes and selection boxes and packets of choccy delight, when everyone's favourite choccy make, Cadbury's has come up with the perfect chocolate box that will see sweet-toothed family members unite.

The Christmas gift basket has something for all the family and as is full of shareable Christmas chocolates in a presentation 14' wicker gift basket.
It makes for a really great Christmas gift too – and it'll last longer than those brussel sprouts!

The box includes Selection Boxes, Christmas sweets, a Dairy Milk Novelty Chocolate Santa, Dairy Milk Buttons, Dairy Milk white and milk chocolate Christmas bar and Snow Bites. Our favourites?

The new Dairy Milk Snowballs, with their vanilla flavoured mousse filling, were particularly yummy!

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